Why choose us


1. Design the most reasonable plan and elaborate on the plan until the customer is satisfied.
2. The company sends technical engineers to the user site for free to plan the site for the user.
3. Provide technical information such as equipment list details, equipment overall layout drawings, civil construction foundation drawings, equipment installation drawings, etc.

On sale

1. Design technical data such as the overall layout of the equipment, civil construction basic drawings, equipment installation drawings according to the site conditions.
2. While the user is performing basic construction, the company arranges production strictly in accordance with the contract.
3. Test before delivery, organize delivery and user acceptance.

After sale

1. Freely assign technical engineers to arrive at the site to guide the installation and commissioning.
2. Conduct on-site training for user crew after installation and commissioning.
3. Visit the user from time to time after normal production.

Our features

  • Online and offline communication/li>
  • Customer needs confirmation
  • Tailored
  • Special vehicle transportation and distribution
  • Customer acceptance

Why people Choose us

  • Professional team
  • Scientific control
  • Integrity-based
  • Comprehensive after sales